Introducing Daicho's philosophy, commitment, mind that has continued to face the fabric.


We have set the following action goals with the aim of nurturing employee nurturing company and becoming a nature-friendly company.

  • 1. We aim to be a company that contributes to society through work and enriches each and every employee.
  • 1. We take responsibility for the products we process and continue to constantly pursue new added value.
  • 1. We keep in mind to manufacturing that are people-friendly and environment-friendly.


Manufacturing that can only be made by Daicho

Daicho receives fabrics from various production areas and from overseas. Even with the same fabric, the quality of the fabric changes if the place where it is made changes. Important fabrics left in entrusted to us by our customers. Before processing, we will face the fabric in sincerity and decide the processing process in consideration the composition, density, twisted yarn. The result of this commitment is a product of Daicho that cannot be imitated anywhere else.


Keep going without fear of change

Daicho has a tradition that has continued since the 20th year of the Meiji era. We think the continuation of company is the result of continuing to try new things without fear of change. We are willing to change ourselves in response to the changes in the world. and we believe that it will be a new tradition for Daicho to continue working without being bound by common sense.